Coccinia indica has been claimed as being,efficacious in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is suggested that this plant may be beneficial in the management of antioxidant status in diabetics (Kamble et al., 1998). Kasini Keerai has been tested for its efficacy in the treatment of diabetes.

Details pertaining to the fasting blood glucose levels of diabetics supplemented with Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini keerai are presented in Table XII.

Table XII

The normal range of fasting blood glucose is 65-110 mg/dl of blood (Murray et al., 2000). According to this norm, the mean blood glucose levels of all the three groups of volunteers were far above the upper limit of the normal range before the Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini treatment.
Supplementation of Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini Keerai over a period of six months reduced the bIood glucose level to 134±17.1 mg/dl. The decrease in the mean blood glucose value was 58 mg/dl. In the group that was administered the decoction of the Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini powder (group II), the blood glucose dropped down to 91±2.7, thus recording a mean decrease of 104 mg/dl. The mean decrease in the fasting blood sugar level of III group (administered capsules) was 98 mg/dl. Thus a significant (P<0.05) reduction was observed in all the three groups. Among the three groups, group II that received the decoction recorded a maximum reduction. However, there was no difference in the final blood glucose level, between the groups.
Eighty six percent of the participants expressed that when they were on allopathic medication alone the blood sugar levels remained high and was fluctuating in the range of 190-200 mg/dl. Seventy two percent of the participants expressed that while they were on supplementation of Kasini Keerai, they never felt weak as they very often used to be, prior to supplementation. And 64% of the participants expressed that they are very brisk and active after the supplementation, The results thus indicate that Dr. Akbar Kausar's Kasini keerai has a pronounced hypoglycemic effect and it is found to be more effective when taken in the decoction form rather than other preparations.