Quantification of Nutritional and Biochemical Components :
Nutritional components
The nutritional components of the Kasini plus are presented in Table II
Table II

From the above table it is seen that Kasini plus contains 8.33g% carbohydrates and 5g% protein
Kauger (1992) has reported that 14.lg% of carbohydrates, 6-7g of protein, 320 mg of calcium, 149 mg of phosphorus and 3.3 mg of iron are present in 450g of Kasini leaves. Sreejith (2000) has reported that Emblica officinalis contains protein 0.05 g%, calcium 50mg%, phosphorus 20mg% and iron 1.2mg%. Gayathri Devi et al (2000) also have reported similar amount of these minerals in selected varieties of Emblica officinalis.
This study revealed that Kasini plus is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Calcium is required for the formation of bone and teeth, blood clotting and regulation of excitability of nerve fibres. Phosphorus forms an integral part of metabolic reaction in carbohydrate metabolism, fat transport, phosphorylation of protein and an essential constituent of nucleic acids. Iron is a highly valued mineral for the production and development of RBCs in our blood. This reveals that the herbal powder, Kasini plus will also contribute to bone formation and help alleviation of anemia.