Non-enzymic antioxidants
Epidemiological studies strongly suggest that high intake of foods rich in 0-carotene, as well as those rich in vitamin E or C, decrease the risk of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart disease (Luper, 1998). The levels of various known non-enzymic antioxidants in Kasini plus are presented in Table IV.
Table IV
Table IV reveals that Kasini plus has high levels of the non enzymic antioxidants (ascorbic acid, Vitamins E and B2, polyphenols, tavonoids and tannins) also and is protective against diseases caused by free radicals.
Ascorbic acid protects tissues from oxidative damage as it acts as a direct scavenger of free radicals and a reductant in enzyme reactions. It acts as the main radical acceptor from vitamin E (Bohler, 1997) and vitamin E acts as a scavenger of oxygen radicals and thus inhibits lipid peroxidation (Packer, 1992).Phenolic compounds have been shown to exhibit cellular defence mechanism in atherogenesis and cancer (Decker, 1997). Flavonoids are reported to have antioxidant properties and can further enhance the antioxidant protein activities in cells.
Thus it is evident that Kasini plus with all these non-enzymic antioxidants is an excellent herbal formulation.